To the south of Bhigwan town is a widespread backwater formed by Ujani dam built on Bhima river. The backwater, a shallow waste water reserve, doubles up as a wetland based ecosystem that attracts various species of migratory birds.

This nondescript place, tucked away in a village, has plenty to offer. We watched Painted Storks, with their bottle­ green, black and pink wings, as they strutted next to our boat. We gasped at the sight of Grey Herons gliding over the waters. And we watched Great Egrets pay homage to W.H.Davies as they stood and stared at the horizon.

An hour into the boat­ ride, we halted 200 metres away from a sight that made us gasp, those pretty pink legs we had waited to see all along – flamingos! Their poise, the grace with which they turned those slender necks around, the sight of them stretching those exquisite wings and then painting the skies pink as they took off, had us convinced that a flamingo most certainly is a ballerina re-incarnated.